Choosing Librarianship As A Career: A Study of Public Secondary School Students In Ekiti State

Folorunso Olayinka


The paper, in order to unravel the attitudes of secondary school students in Ekiti-State towards choosing librarianship as their career, probes into the respondents’ awareness, understanding and knowledge of librarianship as a profession. The research, as well, investigates the perceptions of librarians and librarianship by the secondary school students (respondents) in Ekiti State. Questionnaires and interviews were used to elicit necessary information from the respondents. It was discovered that the respondents’ conscious awareness, knowledge and understanding of librarianship are too shallow, just as their perceptions of librarians and librarianship revealed the unwillingness of 98.12% of the respondents to choose librarianship as career. This, alone, is viewed as a serious danger in the future for librarianship as a profession. A number of suggestions that could improve the situation were offered.

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