The Relationship between Acquisition of Science Process Skills, Formal Reasoning Ability and Chemistry Achievement

Olufunlayo Ike Oloyede, Femi Adetunji Adeoye


This study was undertaken to determine the relationship between acquisition of science process skills and achievement in science.  The sample consists of 320 senior secondary II students from selected schools in Bauchi state, Nigeria.  The instruments used were a test of logical thinking, test on process skills which were administered to the students as well as student’s third term results from SSI examination in Chemistry.  The students’ scores on the three attributes were correlated using the Product Moment Correlation Coefficient.  The findings showed a positive relationship between formal reasoning ability and acquisition of process skills, formal reasoning and chemistry achievement and acquisition of science process skill and chemistry achievement.  The implication of and some suggestions made for improvement of science teaching in our secondary schools.


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