Effects Of Verbal Ability On Second Language Writers’ Achievement In Essay Writing In English Language.

Adegbile Joseph Abiodun, Alabi Oluwole Folaranmi


Although  process pedagogical approach to writing is currently making the waves and in fact, considered suitable for most English first language (L1) writers, scholars are particularly concerned that second language (L2) writers do not possess the necessary linguistic ability to reap the full benefit of the approach simply because language proficiency and competencies underlie the ability to write in the (L2) in a fundamental way. Besides, it could be theorized that measures of L2 writers’ verbal ability should predict with varying degrees of accuracy their performance in writing tasks. This, no doubt, gave rise to the current efforts of researchers at empirically establishing a relationship between students’ verbal ability and their writing skill. Notwithstanding, research attempts in this regard have been minimal, thus, creating the need for further empirical investigations. The present study, a quasi-experiment, investigated the effects of verbal ability on students’ achievement. Verbal ability was found to have significant effect on students’ achievement. Also, gender and verbal ability interaction was significant on senior secondary II students’ achievement in English essay writing in Osun State.  Thus, the study, based on the results, made some useful recommendations aimed at improving students’ essay writing ability in Nigeria.

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