The Councilor: A Journal of the Social Studies

The Councilor is the peer-reviewed journal of the Illinois Council for the Social Studies. Since 1939, The Councilor has published articles that incorporate pedagogical innovation and practice into all disciplines of the social studies. The Councilor also provides a forum for scholars to publish articles that explore the ways in which they integrate research into the classroom.

Vol 77, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


The End of a War and the Rise of a Nation: A Lesson on the American Revolution PDF
Joshua L Kenna, William B Russell
The Use of Discussion Protocols in Social Studies PDF
Prentice T. Chandler, Suzanne Ehrlich
Cross Curriculum Lesson with the Aid of Google’s Ngram PDF
Missy Hopper, Lindon Joey Ratliff, Willie Brown
Integrating Creative, Critical, and Historical Thinking through Close Reading, Document-Based Writing, and Original Political Cartooning PDF
John Holden Bickford


Charles T. Rubin, Eclipse of Man: Human Extinction and the Meaning of Progress. 2014. PDF
Michael Palmer

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