Multimedia Mapping on the Internet and Language Documentation: New Directions in Interdisciplinarity

Kristine A. Hildebrandt, Shunfu Hu


This paper explores the ways in which two distinct areas of inquiry—multimedia mapping, a sub-discipline of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) geography, and linguistics—can mutually inform and benefit from each other. This mutual enhancement is located within the context of opportunities and challenges encountered in a smaller, Master’s Intensive university context, where interdisciplinary collaboration is particularly important for discipline survival and innovation, but where resources and appropriate training, education and skills-application environments may be difficult to come by. We illustrate the potentials (and challenges) of this cross-disciplinarity through a case study of ongoing documentation and geo-visualization of endangered indigenous languages in lower Manang, Nepal.


linguistics, language documentation, GIS, multimedia mapping, interdisciplinary, digital humanities

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