Addressing the Divine: Rethinking God qua Love

Erik Zimmerman


This paper counters the Derridean argument that the divine cannot be experienced within the confines of earthly economics and, as a result, cannot be encountered in attributes like love. This paper first addresses the problem that Derrida defines through his explanation of negative theology. The paper then moves through the argument presented by Derrida by presenting Caputo’s argument concerning the kingdom of the impossible, and the idea that the divine operates outside of earthly economics. Love is necessarily an economical relationship, according to Caputo. However, this paper argues, with the help of Jean-Luc Marion’s The Erotic Phenomenon, that a rethinking of God qua love provides a way in which God can be experienced in love. Rather than being the object or subject of a love relationship, this project argues that the divine is experienced when one loves, in passivity, the beloved in the love relation. 

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