‘Where I'm from is a Place Divided’: Negotiating Multiple Selves in Academia and Beyond

Limarys Caraballo


In a social and political context that increasingly privileges standardization and high-stakes accountability as a panacea for equity and equality, the author discusses the benefits and challenges faced by persons of color embracing the complexity engendered by multiple identities and multiple contexts in academia and beyond. Drawing upon her educational experiences as a woman of color in academia, she outlines five themes that may resonate with other academics' journeys, whether they find themselves currently struggling through a doctoral program or trying to figure out how best to mentor their students. The essay highlights the examination of one's own multiple and conflicting identities as crucial to negotiating the demands and unintended consequences of life in academia, particularly for those from non-dominant backgrounds. 


gender; race; culture; diversity; mentoring; education; women of color; identity

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