Jimi Solanke and Ebenezer Obey's Music on Environmental Degradation and Flood Disaster in Ibadan, Nigeria

Titus Olusegun, Titus Obonose Rachel


This paper focuses on the use of music for cultural promotion that enhances environmental sustainability in Ibadan, Nigeria. Songs by Yoruba popular singers amongst whom are Ebenezer Obey and Jimi Solanke on flood disasters in Ibadan are used for the study. Their music continues to provide cultural memories to Ibadan residents who have been devastated by flood disasters. The response of these indigenous Yoruba musicians to environmental degradation and flood disasters in the content of the lyrics is used to educate the populace on the effect of flood disasters in Ibadan and how to prevent this phenomenal tragedy. Through ecomusicological theory, cultural history, and ethnography, this article examines the process through which Ebenezer Obey and Jimi Solanke’s songs became a vehicle for cultural memories and the floods’ devastating effects on people and their livelihoods. The paper further suggests that educating the citizens is more effective through the adoption of local approaches in the form of indigenous songs and popular music of the immediate culture.


Flood disaster, Ecomusicology, indigenous popular music, Ogunpa River, Ibadan

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