Syria‘s Undocumented Kurds

Ahmet Serdar Akturk


In Suriye’nin Kimliksizleri Kürtler (Syria‘s Undocumented Kurds), Nevzat Bingöl aims to introduce Turkish readers to the Kurds of Syria. Bingöl is a Kurdish journalist from Turkey’s Kurdish South East. His earlier publications deal with Kurdish question in Turkey and the war in Iraq from a journalist’s point of view. In this book, Bingöl tackles the Kurds of Syria whom, he argues, are not well-known in Turkey. He, first, focuses on Syrian Kurdish political parties by examining their ideas, their relations with other states and other Kurdish parties both in Syria and in neighboring countries and their methods of political struggle. Second, he presents the citizenship problems that Syrian Kurds have been facing since the “exceptional” census of 1962. The book is mostly based on the author’s extensive interviews with local people, leading Kurdish politicians in Syria, and reports prepared by organizations such as the Syrian Human Rights Association, the Syrian branch of International Human Rights Watch, and the German Federal Parliament.   

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