Syrian Studies Association News: 2014 General Elections Results


At the end of 2014, the SSA membership welcomes three new officers to its Executive Board: Geoffrey Schad, Melanie Tanielian, and Charles Wilkins. You can read about each of our new officers below: 


Geoffrey Schad, Secretary Treasurer: Dr. Geoffrey Schad is a Visiting Scholar with the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania and will be a Lecturer in Penns College of Liberal and Professional Studies in Spring 2015.  A social historian of Syria during the French Mandate, he is a co-founder and past list editor of H-Levant and has served the Syrian Studies Association as newsletter editor, secretary-treasurer, and board member at large. Geoff returns to the Board to serve as Secretary-Treasurer through 2016.


Melanie Tanielian, Member at Large: Dr. Melanie Tanielian is assistant professor in the History Department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She received her PhD in history from the University of California, Berkeley, under the guidance of Prof. Beshara Doumani. Her dissertation, "The War of Famine: Everyday Life in Wartime Beirut and Mount Lebanon (1914-1918)", is a socio-economic study of daily life at the Lebanese homefront during the First World War, seen through the lens of famine, family, disease and medicine, as well as local, state, and international humanitarian relief. Her research interests include the history of WWI in the Middle East, the emergence of religious philanthropic societies in times of conflict, the history of German missionaries, social Protestantism and modern humanitarianism, disease, medicine, and hospitals, the history Childhood and Youth. Melanie will serve the SSA as Member-at-Large through 2016.


Charles Wilkins, Prize Committee Chair: Dr. Charles Wilkins is Associate Professor of Middle Eastern History at Wake Forest University. His research is concerned with the Arab Provinces under Ottoman Rule, with emphasis on urban history, intellectual history, historiography, slavery, and Islamic law.  He is the author of Forging Urban Solidarities: Ottoman Aleppo, 1640-1700 (Brill, 2010). His recent publications include Slavery and Household Formation in Ottoman Aleppo, 1640-1700, The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 56, 3 (2013), 345-91; and The Self-Fashioning of an Ottoman Urban Notable: Ahmad Efendi Tahazade (d. 1773), Osmanl Araştrmalar/The Journal of Ottoman Studies 30 (2014): 343-75.  Before coming to Wake Forest in 2006, Wilkins taught Middle Eastern history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Colorado College.  He is currently working on a book project entitled, Lives Astride: A Social and Cultural History of Ottoman Aleppo, 1516-1918.  Charles will serve the SSA at Prize Committee Chair through 2016.


The Board thanks everyone who participated in this years general election, as well as our outgoing officers who leave the Board at the end of 2014: Thomas Pierret, Max Weiss, and Stacy Fahrenthold.


Stacy D. Fahrenthold is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in History at Williams College.