Vol 14, No 2 (2009)

Spring 2009 Issue

Table of Contents

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Volume XIV, No. 2 (Spring 2009) in pdf format Abstract PDF

Letter from the President

Letter from the President HTML PDF

Syrian Studies Association News

Study of Druze of Southern Syria Wins SSA Dissertation Award Abstract HTML PDF
Fred Lawson
New Officers Join SSA Board Abstract HTML PDF
Fred Lawson, Steve Tamari,
Syrian Ambassador Moustapha Addresses SSA Meeting Abstract HTML PDF
Steve Tamari

Feature Articles

Syrian Studies in Japan Abstract HTML PDF
Toru Miura
The Japan Center for Middle Eastern Studies Abstract HTML PDF
Steve Tamari
Photo Essay: Arabic vs. English in Politics and Commerce Abstract HTML PDF
Mandy Terc

Research Notes

Activities of the Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies in Damascus Abstract HTML PDF
Taco van der Zwaag
eBay as an archive: Bidding for Bilad al-Sham bargains Abstract HTML PDF
Andrea L. Stanton
Exploratory Archival Research in Syria: Practicalities, Affordability, and Advantages Abstract HTML PDF
Beverly A Levine
A Year in Damascus: The CASA Experience Abstract HTML PDF
Elizabeth Williams
The National Security Education Program in Syria Abstract HTML PDF
Graham Auman Pitts

Book Reviews

Book Review Essay Syrian Ba'thist Memoires Abstract HTML PDF
Nikolaos van Dam
Book Review: Mustafa Khalifa's The Shell (al-Qawqa'a, 2008) Abstract HTML PDF
Shareah Taleghani
Book Review: Abdul-Karim Rafeq, Mahattat fi Tarikh Bilad al-Sham Abstract HTML PDF
James A. Reilly
Regime Acrobatics Abstract HTML PDF
Joseph Yackley
Book Review: Syria and Saudi Arabia Abstract HTML PDF
LeRoy T. Long
Book Review: Dissident Syria: Making Oppositional Arts Official Abstract HTML PDF
Michael Page