Vol 17, No 1 (2012)

The Syrian Uprisings: Reflections on the Past 14 Months

This newsletter is a biannual publication of the Syrian Studies Association. This issue includes feature articles focusing on the uprisings of the past year, from a political, sports, and cultural perspective. It also includes news of the Syrian Studies Association and book and film reviews.

Table of Contents

Letter from the President


Feature Articles

Anaheed Al-Hardan
Riccardo Gavioli
Vladimir Troyansky
James M. Dorsey
Andrea L Stanton

Syrian Studies Association News

Zayde Antrim
Andrea L Stanton
Andrea L Stanton

Research Notes

Steven Tamari

Book Reviews

Ahmet Serdar Akturk
Thomas Edward McGee
Erik Mohns
Thomas Pierret
James A. Reilly
Eric Stensland